The Apostle Paul Preaching On The Ruins by Giovanni Paolo Panini, 1744, a painter and architect who worked in Rome.

It's not about religion, it's about a relationship with God.

Below are my websites devoted to original intent and getting back to the the Lord's blueprint:

  • Apostolic Teaching -- The purpose of Apostolic Teaching is to promote sound doctrine. To do that we must study original intent, and that requires learning to think like Yeshua (Jesus) and his early disciples. In Jesus’ day, many of the religious leaders were misinterpreting and misapplying Scripture. They were teaching the doctrines of men as if they were the commandments of God. So Jesus comes along saying, “you have heard, or it is written, but I have come to tell you what my Father really means.” This is as true today as it was then.
  • The Galilee Project -- A Return to the New Testament Church of the Book of Acts. There are many of us who believe the New Testament Church of the Book of Acts is the model we should follow, but what is this model? Where do you find the blueprint? What would it take to implement, to bring the Church back to its original intent? The purpose of this website is to explore the possibility. To, hopefully, start a dialogue.

The Sea of Galilee

This photo taken from the shore at Capernum. 

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