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My name is Rick Fox and I'm a retired Investment Banker. The Lord has blessed me with many great opportunities. Some of which I wish I had taken greater advantage.

I entered the financial service industry in 1972 and was in senior management for the investment firm controlled by George Herbert Walker III, first cousin to George Herbert Walker Bush.

During this time I became a Registered Principal, Senior Vice President and Director of Financial Services. In 1979 I became a Certified Financial Planner as I was assigned the task of developing the firms financial planning and asset management division.

However, my primary expertise has been as an investment banker restructuring troubled businesses and bad investments. I have also helped ministries and participated on ministry teams that have had to deal with the sins of those in ministry.

My education is in economics and business. Between college and graduate school I was drafted into the US Army in 1968 and served in the Chaplain Corp.

In the 1970’s I was a teaching elder and served on numerous ministry teams, some with the international Bible teacher Derek Prince. I've been on teams that have ministered across the United States, Europe and Israel.

I live with my wife Barbara on a horse farm in western Missouri. We have two grown daughters and two granddaughters.

 Why the Snooty Fox? Why not? I like it. The obvious, it involves my last name. It's also a symbol for those that foxhunt. My wife and I have ridden horses since childhood. We have ridden hunters & jumpers & three day event horses. Once upon a time we belonged to a "no kill" foxhunt. Go figure.

The New York Times

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