cropped-rick1-e1406588942824-216x300Rick Fox entered the financial service industry in 1972. Through the end of 1984 he worked for the Investment Banking companies owned by the Walker family. His boss was George Herbert Walker III first cousin to George Herbert Walker Bush who became our 41st President. During this time he became a Registered Principal with with the National Association of Securities Dealers, was one of the youngest ever branch office managers and later was promoted to Senior Vice President and Director of Financial Services. In 1979 Richard became a Certified Financial Planner and was founder of the firms financial planning and registered investment advisory division where he chaired the investment committee. As an investment banker he was also involved in the restructuring of bad investments and troubled businesses.

In 1985 Rick became Managing Partner of Heartland Management Company a Christian investment firm that specialized in wealth management and problem solving for troubled businesses and investments. On December 31, 1994 he retired to spend more time working on projects that he believed were important to our Lord. Today, Rick works with Christian business owners and investors interested in using their resources to advance the work of the Kingdom.

In 1972 Rick entered the ministry as a teaching elder in a large charismatic church. He was raised in the Episcopal Church where he held different positions and was also in the Chaplains Corp of the United States Army.

In the 1970’s Rick served on numerous ministry teams with the international Bible teacher Derek Prince. His time with Derek allowed him to travel to Europe, the Middle East and across the United States.

Today, Rick works with churches and ministry leaders to bring back the Biblical principles established in the book of Acts. He also writes a blog for ministry leaders at www.apostolicteaching.net and one on the restoration of the church to original intent at the galileeproject.org.

Rick lives with his wife Barbara on a horse farm in western Missouri. They have two grown daughters and one granddaughter.

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